“I recently had need for two rush accident reconstructions in the Northeastern US, and having been less than satisfied I reached out to UCE. I can tell you that UCE and Greg were extremely responsive, most professional, and the overall work product and expert report received was the best I have reviewed to date.

Thank you! Greg and UCE, it is really refreshing to know there are still operations out there where customer satisfaction remains a top priority.”
-Mike, SIU Director, and Vice President of Operations

“UCE has been extremely responsive to our needs as attorneys and to the needs of our clients in providing top notch experts at reasonable rates. UCE’s experts also provide well written detailed reports and analysis in a timely manner.”
-David, Attorney

“I would like to compliment Greg Fylak and the team at UCE. They have been very responsive to our needs throughout the entire claims handling process. Updates are provided timely and phone calls are returned promptly. Most importantly, their reports are in depth and the overall analysis has been very beneficial.”
-Chris, Claims Manager

I cannot say enough about Mr.Fylak and his team of experts at UCE. I have worked with numerous other expert firms over the years and have never experienced the level of professionalism, courtesy, customer service and, most importantly, excellence that I have with UCE. As attorneys, we all have those cases where we need an expert report to meet what seems to be an impossible deadline. i had one such case recently where, given the limited time frame, I was afraid an expert would just “slap something together.” Not UCE. Mr. Fylak and his team worked tirelessly to ensure that I had my expert report on time without sacrificing the quality and excellence for which UCE’s experts are known. I certainly recommend UCE above all other expert services I have used in the past and Mr. Fylak will continue to be my “go to guy” for all my expert needs.”
-John, Attorney

I have worked with UCE on several matters. UCE’s expertise and understanding of both technical and legal issues is unparalleled. Additionally, unlike some other agencies, UCE understands the dynamics of the attorney-client relationship and has been very cooperative on various administrative issues.”
-Patrick, Attorney